Town of Falmouth

Falmouth Public Library

Falmouth, Massachusetts

BAA was commissioned to renovate 29,000 sf of the 106-year-old existing library building and create an 8,000 sf addition for Falmouth Public Library. Located in Falmouth’s historic downtown district, the restored and expanded library meets the increasing needs for modern library services and serves as a focal point for this growing community. The design re-opened the Library’s historically significant Main Street entrance, which has been closed since 1978, and reorganized the entry sequence within this linear building. The project also provided ungraded HVAC and M/E/P/FP systems, modernized interior design, new skylights, furnishings, windows, light fixtures and state-of-the-art technologies and equipment. BAA team participated in numerous town meetings and worked closely with various stakeholders, consultants and contractors to deliver this beautiful project on time and on budget, which exceeded the client’s expectations and visions of a truly outstanding facility.


Renovated - 29,000 SF

New - 8,000 SF

Total - 37,000 SF

Completion Date: