Old Dominion University

Master Planning of Food Service Facilities

Norfolk, Virginia

Old Dominion University is a large public research university and had seen an extensive expansion of campus facilities around 2009, including six residential buildings and the development of District and Village neighborhoods. The growth in student residences created an immediate need for more dining facilities, both all- you-care-to-eat and retail venues, within the context of a “five minutes walk” radius. The purpose of this planning is to examine alternative proposals for dining expansion.


Part of the project is a graphic analysis to determine pedestrian campus distances, use patterns and distribution of food services by neighborhood precincts. The second part is a size and space analysis to determine seats and support based on present and projected student participation in both meal plan and retail options. The third part presents a series of options for future development in the various precincts, including closing dining facility at Rogers Hall in the East precinct and accommodating existing meal plan students at expanded facilities in the Quad or Village/District precincts; constructing new dining facilities and renovating existing ones  in the West, Quad, Village and District precincts.


120,000 SF

Completion Date: