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Georges Island Maintenance Facility

Boston Harbor Islands, Boston, Massachusetts

George’s Island is a national historic site located in Boston Harbor, and serves as the hub of all maintenance functions for the Harbor Islands. Beacon was commissioned to design a new maintenance facility and address the island’s renewable energy infrastructure. Because it is an island, it is not connected to the power grid, and the challenge was to generate electricity onsite. Previously, all electricity was provided by diesel generators. To reduce the island’s dependence on fossil fuel, the roof of the maintenance facility now accommodates 3200 sq. ft. of photovoltaic cells (about 140 panels), which reduces the use of the generators, and provide a clean and quiet source of electrical energy for the island. On hot clear days the panels can generate up to 32.2 kilowatts/hour, more than the island consumes, and surplus power is stored in a battery bank. Solar power provides about half of the island's electricity, reducing its annual oil use by more than 7,500 gallons and carbon dioxide emissions by almost 100 tons.


Total sf: 3,200



Boston Preservation Alliance

2011 Award Winner