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CATS Academy - New Campus and Facilities

Braintree, Massachusetts

CATS is a private, for-profit preparatory school which has enjoyed success in the UK for many years. Beacon was commissioned to design CATS Braintree, the first such campus in the United States, to be completed in fall of 2015. Beacon designed all the academic, residential, extracurricular, and support facilities – in essence creating a new campus from the ground up. The goal of this flagship campus is to prepare its international student population to attend top-notch colleges in Greater Boston by maintaining a high faculty to student ratio and providing intense cultural immersion.  The 100,000 sf main academic and administrative space is an adaptive re-use of a hospital, while the three dorms (with 400 beds) and athletic center are new construction. The library is a learning and resource center as well as a laboratory environment where students can work on technology-based projects. The design and intimate scale are reminiscent of traditional New England Preparatory Schools.


Total sf: 100,000 school

Total sf: 118,000 dormitories